Startup Weekend And The Rising Tide Of Entrepreneurship


Guest feature by Paul Spence.

They say a rising tide lifts all boats and boy could we use an economic high tide just now! So it’s great to see that start-up entrepreneurship has become a regular dinner table conversation topic and a respectable career option for young people nowdays. Startup Weekends have also begun to play an significant role in raising awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship. As we tentatively emerge from a massive global economic downturn, there’s never been a more important time in history for people contemplating starting a business to be properly equipped.

In the short space of 54 hours, Startup Weekend provides a supported methodology to sculpture your business idea into a working business prototype within a fun setting. You’ll laugh you’ll cry, you’ll overcome challenges and celebrate successes, as well as making new friends. You will also receive guidance from top mentors and meet investors and advisors who can help you in the future –  plus you get all your meals provided across the weekend. What more could you want?

But the real value of Startup Weekend is in the learning and networking to be had along the way and the water cooler conversations that often lead to other collaborations in the future. For those ideas that don’t make the cut (and there will be some) it’s back to the drawing board. Startup Weekend can be very Darwinian, just like in the real world of business. Only the fit and able will survive – that is how we progress. If you haven’t already booked your place at Dunedin Startup Weekend, do so immediately! It will probably change your life.

Paul Spence is a co-organiser and mentor at Wellington Startup Weekend, editor of the New Zealand Startup Digest and co-founder of innovative global domain name registrar iwantmyname. You can tweet him @GeniusNet